About Ekone Oyster Company

Ekone Oyster Company was incorporated in 1982 by Nick Jambor and his wife, Joanne. They had already started farming oysters  in Washington, where you can privately own intertidal ground. Nick built a wooden smokehouse for Joanne’s birthday, and they smoked a few oysters to enjoy. They experimented with brines and smoking times for the oysters, and found that their friends loved them. Nick and Joanne started taking their oysters to restaurants in Seattle, where they were popular also. It did not take long to rent a small space, upgrade the smokehouse and start producing more smoked oysters to keep up with the demand.

Ekone now has a processing facility and an oyster nursery, employing about 50 people. At the facility, Ekone grades, shucks and packages Pacific oysters of all sizes, as well as producing their line of smoked products. The farm Nick and Joanne started has grown to over 350 acres of prime Willapa Bay tide flats. The farm grows Pacific oysters by the off-bottom culture method called long lining, as well as traditional bottom culture methods and supplies oysters to Ekone for processing. Ekone also purchases oysters from other established family farms to fill our orders.

Contact us:
Call us toll free at 1-888-875-5494
Email us at info@ekoneoyster.com
Visit us at 378 Bay Center Rd, Bay Center, WA
Write to us at: 33 Holtz Rd, South Bend, WA 98586