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How one man’s love for the ocean led to a sustainable oyster farm.

Nick Jambor, founder and owner of Ekone Oyster Company was always attracted to aquaculture (the cultivation of aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceans, mollusks and aquatic plants.) Nick spent a large part of his childhood in Hawaii, where he learned to scuba dive, and also learned to love the sea. He continued his love of the sea in college, where he studied marine biology. After graduating, Nick considered his ocean-oriented options, and chose to pursue the path of the oysterman.   READ MORE


Sustainable Oysters

Interested in the sustainability of oysters?

Some interesting points from the Seafood Watch Report on Farmed Oysters:

” Farming of oysters accounts for over 95% of total global production of this

“Because oysters are filter feeders, oyster aquaculture facilities generally improve coastal water
conditions by converting nutrients and organic matter to biomass.”

“Management regimes and codes of conduct have been formed by the shellfish industry and
generally these codes and practices go above and beyond laws governing the culture activity.
Overall, at present, oysters pose substantially less risk to the environment than do other cultured
finfish or crustacean species.

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