Our Farm

Our Farm

Every year we replant portions of our oyster beds, and throughout the year we harvest our Pacific oysters based on size and market demand.

The harvested oysters are brought to our processing facility and immediately placed under refrigeration control.  The oysters are usually either shucked or separated and cleaned for live sales.  We use the Pacific oysters for our line of smoked oysters. Our smoked oysters are one of our signature products here at Ekone Oyster Co., grown, harvested and processed in the U.S.  Our original, Habanero Hots, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper and BBQ are the five flavors of smoked oysters currently being processed at Ekone Oyster Co. Other canned products are smoked mussels, albacore  tuna, smoked tuna and smoked tuna with lemon. Visit our shop to purchase products.

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Ekone Oyster Co., also opens fresh Pacific Oysters.  We pack these oysters into various container sizes and by the following grades: Yearlings, extra smalls, smalls, mediums, and a few large sized oysters. Shucked oysters are typically shipped the same day they are opened, so customers get the freshest possible oysters when they buy from Ekone.

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