In-Shell Oysters

Live fresh oysters are harvested from the pristine waters of Willapa Bay. These oysters are off loaded and promptly brought into our processing facility in Bay Center. Live oysters are sorted for size, counted and washed by hand. They are then boxed according to the customers specifications. Product is then shipped via refrigerated truck lines directly to our customers.

Fresh, live in-shell oysters are packed in mesh bags with a shellfish tag that will have the following information: Name and address of packer; Certification number; Quantity; Harvest date; Harvest location; Original Harvester number.  Live oysters should be eaten within 7-10 days of harvest.  The time varies by time of year and handling of the live oysters.  We recommend holding live shellfish at 45°F, and to protect them from the drying effects of certain types of refrigeration using a damp cloth.  Do not keep your live oysters in water!

The Best By and Use By dates for oysters always assume that you have kept them at at 45° F or less.  More on shelf life.

Please call to order: 1-888-875-5494
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Washing shell